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Many of you may have been familiar with my work from my old website, I’ve dropped the pseudonym/alias/pen name/whatever. Most artists these days don’t really seem to use them anymore. It seems to be a habit from 10 or 15 years ago, back when I was first getting interested in becoming an illustrator/painter.

It just won’t fly anymore if I’m going to start marketing myself as a professional artist.

And so, was born. will continue to redirect here for at least a year or so. We’ll see about after that.

You may also be familiar with me from my Photoshop resources website, That one will stick around, and I’ll continue to add more stuff to it. Although a lot more of the Photoshop brushes are going to cater toward illustrators and painters.

You’re also going to see a huge influx of new paintings from me, starting a few months down the road. I’m doing a lot of self-educating currently, re-familiarizing myself with the territory that I was just starting to feel comfortable around a good 10 years or so ago, before I got started with and stopped focusing on my artwork.

I’m going to be doing some portrait work to make sure that my realism skills are still there, and then dive head first into some more complex Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Emotive work.
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