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Can’t Reach My Soul

About the Artwork

I wanted to try something in the steampunk genre, and I ended up really getting into the details on “Can’t Reach My Soul”. Designing Steampunk/Victorian clothing is fun!

I started this painting many years ago, and got as far as the woman’s face. I really loved the colors and the way her skin turned out, I just stopped painting for a long while and so it sat. It felt good to finish it!

Proof that even cyber beings can be in love.

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Speed Painting #17 – Strikingly Spooky

For this painting, I decided to play around with some dramatic lighting and make use of interesting perspective. ‘Strikingly Spooky’

It is inspired by an episode of the television show Supernatural called “Of Grave Importance.” As a result, a staircase in the haunted house where the episode took place was used as a reference.

For those of you that watch the show, it’s an episode that takes place largely from Bobby’s point of view. Sam and Dean learn of a haunted house where one of the ghosts is keeping the other ghosts in the house prisoner. There’s definitely some spoilers to be had here if I go into the synopsis too much. So, I’ll leave it at that. But it’s a very touching episode.

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Daily Painting #16 – Celestial

Celestial: She holds the entirety of the universe upon the strands of her hair.

I’m going to continue to do my speed paintings when I can, they just may not be every day for now – lots of craziness going on, and going on an impromptu vacation this weekend!

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About the Artwork

Elizabeth from Bioshock:Infinite.

Such an amazing game – been wanting to paint this one a while! If you’re a fan of excellent storylines, this is the game for you. I also recommend the first one in the series, the original Bioshock.

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Daily Painting #15 – The Gunslinger Followed

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” — The Gunslinger, by Stephen King.

Best. Opening. Line. For a book. Ever.

Also, my favorite series of all time. Stephen King is the master of character development, truly. And always such a smooth read.

With today being (almost) a holiday, I wanted to do something a bit faster and sketchier this time. So, I went for a rougher, more traditional look. Gritty.

Enjoy! And if you’re in the US, have a happy 4th!

This week’s daily painting theme: Book Quotes

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