Meilosh Wizard

About the Artwork

Another commission for Knight Errant Games for their Role-Playing Game Heroes’ TearsMeilosh Wizard.

The Meilosh Sauroids are a really cool race… somewhere between a crocodile and human. They are a large bipedal creature that are a bit hard to get along with and have pretty short tempers, in general. Most are honor-driven, and believe distinguishing yourself in your life is very important. So, if your foes remember you long after you’re dead, you lived a good life. “Life is short, but tales live forever.” I could make a really silly pun now with the tales/tails thing, but I will refrain.

The armor is strongly influenced by the knotted silk armor of the Japanese. Additionally, I added some of the schools of magic symbols to the shirt to indicate various proficiencies.

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Meilosh Wizard Closeups

All images and ideas are © Knight Errant Games. May not be used without their permission.

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Painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq tablet.