About the Artwork

March was, alas, not finished in time for March. I had to redesign another of my websites. Between that and taxes, I was swamped for over a month and didn’t have time to paint.

However, she’s here now and she’s celebrating Spring and all that it brings!

When I was growing up, in Spring, we would go outside and frolic in the flowers. Most years, that involved holding a buttercup (some people use a dandelion) up to our chins to see the yellow reflection on our chins. The petals are highly reflective, so it makes this beautiful yellow-orange glow. The degree to which it glows is supposed to mean various things, depending on which version of the folk story you grew up hearing. The most common version tells you if you like butter.

Kinda silly. I don’t need a flower to tell you that I like butter!

But the glow looks pretty and always reminds me of Spring.

This painting will be a part of a calendar that I’ll be putting together around the end of 2017, for 2018. Join my mailing list or follow me on your favorite social media to see more, and to find the calendar when it comes out!

Be sure to view the full-size image (and closeups) in the Portraits section of the gallery!

March Closeups & Video

Time-Lapse Painting Process Video:

Painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq tablet