Eleven 011 from Stranger Things

About the Artwork

‘Eleven’ is a digital painting of the character Eleven from the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” played by actress Millie Bobby Brown. For those of you that haven’t seen it, it’s a series about a little boy that disappears under mysterious, and supernatural, circumstances. We learn that he’s stumbled into a world not so far from our own. However, he is in great danger there. Eleven, a young girl with extraordinary powers, is the only one that can contact him. That’s all in the first episode or so, by the way, so no spoilers!

Stranger Things is reminiscent of movies like E.T. and the Goonies. An adventure told from the kids’ viewpoint, with some horror (very reminiscent of Stephen King) thrown in – it even takes place in the 80s. For someone that grew up absolutely loving these shows, it has quickly jumped up to one of my favorite series of all time. So, here’s hoping they can continue the magic in season 2!

Be sure to view the full-size image in the Portraits section of the gallery!


This is kind of a sister image to my portrait of Newt, from Aliens. Also found in the Portraits section of my gallery. Both are strong, young girls in extraordinary circumstances. Both awesome characters!

Painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos and Cintiq tablet