Can’t Reach My Soul

About the Artwork

I wanted to try something in the steampunk genre, and I ended up really getting into the details on “Can’t Reach My Soul”. Designing Steampunk/Victorian clothing is fun!

I started this painting many years ago, and got as far as the woman’s face. I really loved the colors and the way her skin turned out, I just stopped painting for a long while and so it sat. It felt good to finish it!

Proof that even cyber beings can be in love.

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Can’t Reach My Soul Closeups & Process

I have an animated GIF that shows the progress on this one, for anybody who’s interested in checking that out. It’s about 30-45 seconds long and shows the painting in various stages as I was painting it. You can view it here:

Progress Animation for ‘Can’t Reach My Soul’

References used: Passion and Passion 1

Hand painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq tablet