About the Artwork

April showers! Because we should all put aside the umbrella and feel the rain on our face occasionally.

I’ve been waiting for April because I was looking forward to painting this one. Those water droplets were a lot of fun! Be sure to check them out in the closeups (in the gallery)!

I love the rain. As a child, I would put on my rain boots and go “puddle stomping” frequently.

This painting will be a part of a calendar that I’ll be putting together around the end of 2017, for 2018. Join my mailing list or follow me on your favorite social media to see more, and to find the calendar when it comes out!

Be sure to view the full-size image (and closeups) in the Portraits section of the gallery!

April Closeups & Video

Time-Lapse Painting Process Video:

Painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq tablet